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organizing your online sales finances for taxes

Running an online sales business has opened a lot of doors for my family. It has provided us with the additional income that we needed to get through some hard times. My wife has been taking care of this business from the beginning and has done quite well with it. The one thing that she overlooked was the bookkeeping aspect of it. She has done her best to hold onto receipts and track spending, but she didn't do very well putting it all into a spread sheet for tax season. If this is something that you are experiencing, this blog can help you reclaim the organization you need to optimize your finances for tax season.

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Does Your Home Business Need A Financial Consultant?

If you have a small home business, you may be eager to keep as much of your income in your pocket as possible. However, there are a couple of reasons why hiring a bookkeeper or small business accounting team can be beneficial for even the smallest businesses. Here are some reasons to look into a small business accounting service.

Helps You Focus Your Time

As a new business owner, it's important to be able to focus a lot of your time on creating more revenue and expanding your business' reach. Things like doing payroll or keeping track of your expenses and financial reports are the grunt work that can take time and headspace away from more important tasks. By hiring a professional to do those tasks, you keep your attention where it's really needed.

One Less Thing to Learn

Running a home business is difficult, and there are certainly subjects that you'll need to learn more about. If you hire a small business accounting or bookkeeping service, you can keep things like the intricacies of business tax laws off of your list for the time being.

A Good Example for the Future

If you don't have a lot of financial experience in your past, hiring a bookkeeper or small business accounting specialist can be a great educational investment. They might be able to give you pointers on how to create an organized management system going forward. You'll get back plenty of examples of professionally done invoices, tax returns, and other financial documents that you can use as a reference going forward.

Ensure You're Doing Things Correctly

Errors can be costly for a new business. If you're not invoicing your clients correctly, they might think that you are unprofessional. If you make a mistake on your taxes, the IRS might come knocking at your door. If you hire a bookkeeper to primarily put these services together, then you can guarantee that it's done well and is compliant with your state's laws. Until you get your financial legs under your business, it's important to spend the extra money to make sure that you're not creating costly errors that could put you out of business.

Now you know the why of hiring a financial consultant, but you may not be sure of the how. There are many companies that cater to small business accounting, and they can work on a consulting or as-needed basis. This way, if you feel comfortable taking on certain tasks on your own, you only need to outsource the things that you really need help with.