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organizing your online sales finances for taxes

Running an online sales business has opened a lot of doors for my family. It has provided us with the additional income that we needed to get through some hard times. My wife has been taking care of this business from the beginning and has done quite well with it. The one thing that she overlooked was the bookkeeping aspect of it. She has done her best to hold onto receipts and track spending, but she didn't do very well putting it all into a spread sheet for tax season. If this is something that you are experiencing, this blog can help you reclaim the organization you need to optimize your finances for tax season.

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3 Ways A CPA Can Help Your Small Business

Being in business for yourself is sure to be one of your greatest accomplishments. Having the ability to be successful at this is sure to make you extremely proud of yourself. However, owning a company is not a small task and will require a lot of work to be done. It's ideal to rely on the expertise of a certified public accountant (CPA) to assist you with all of your business needs from start to finish. Knowing the various ways this professional can help you may motivate you to get started.

Opening a business

When it comes to starting any company, there are many things that you may need to legally do. The CPA you choose to help you can assist you accomplishing the things listed below:

1. Help you decide what type of business structure will work best for you, such as LLC, corporation or sole proprietorship.

2. Suggest financial software programs that may serve you best.

3. Advise you on the best types of checking and savings accounts to use for your business.

4. Go over the day-to-day financial transactions that your company will need to complete and make sure these follow the requirements set by the government.

During Hours

Once you have your business up and running, there are many things that must get accomplished daily for the best results.

Your CPA is well aware of the financial tasks that will need to be completed, and these are listed below:

1.  Make certain if you have any independent contractors working for you that these are listed this way and not as regular employees.

2. Take care of all your payroll needs and ensuring the legal rules are followed in the process.

3. Take the time to thoroughly explain to you what your financial statements mean.

4. Give you estimated amounts for keeping your tax payments current.

Business growth

If you're fortunate to have a thriving business, you will want to know some of the things you should do when it's growing and you CPA can assist you with some of the things listed below:

1. Track cash flow patterns to allow you to know the amount of growth.

2. Establish a plan for managing your inventory accurately.

3. Complete the necessary tax forms to assist you from having to complete an IRS audit.

There are numerous benefits of having a CPA to help meet the financial needs of your small business through every stage. Be sure to rely on this type of accounting expert to assist your company. Contact a company like Amos Maney & Payne CPA's LLC or another location for more information.